With extensive experience fishing for cod, we've honed in on their prime feeding times, which we utilise for guiding sessions: the last light of the day and the first light of dawn.


The ultimate guiding experience

This experienced fishing guide offers customized sessions for cod fishing during prime feeding times, at dusk and dawn. For beginners, there's an evening session to learn gear, knots, and casting, followed by hands-on fishing. Experienced anglers can opt for the dawn session during peak fishing time. Those choosing both sessions get practice at dusk and action at dawn. Participants should be prepared for river walking and are advised to wear suitable clothing, bring a small backpack for drinks, and wear polaroid sunglasses for better visibility. The guide provides flies and fishing outfits and offers sunscreen and insect repellent, alongside lunch for full-day packages, but participants need to bring their own hats for additional sun protection. Camping options are available, with or without amenities, depending on preferences and a small surcharge (See Terms & Conditions).




Murray Cod, being an Australian icon, possess a distinctive appearance and are unquestionably among the most challenging fish to catch through fly fishing in the country.
We've dedicated ourselves to crafting flies that either mimic their natural food or entice them to strike. These meticulously designed flies have proven their worth by catching numerous Murray Cod across various Victorian rivers, and they are now gaining popularity in other states as well. We are enthusiastic about assisting others in their pursuit of catching our prized Murray Cod or Yellow Belly, sharing the joy and excitement of this unique fly fishing experience.


Yellow Belly

Yellow Belly fish are often found in the same areas as cod, are a sought-after catch, particularly in lowland rivers. As true natives, they share a keen interest in our Ozzy Native cod flies, making them equally responsive to these specially crafted patterns. Once hooked, get ready for an adrenaline-pumping battle, as Yellow Belly display the same tenacity and strength as their cod companions.
Our experienced guides and local experts will lead you to the best fishing grounds where Yellow Belly thrive. Whether you're a seasoned fly angler or just starting your fishing journey, our selection of meticulously chosen flies, are sure to entice these predatory fish of the rivers.

Yellow Belly


Having pursued the much-maligned carp through fly fishing for several years, I genuinely believe it's an exceptional sports fish, possessing all the desirable qualities we seek. These elusive creatures can be quite spooky, although there are moments when they become less vigilant. Achieving an accurate cast is crucial, as they don't appear to have the sharpest vision at close range, but they will eagerly pursue and take a stripped fly. Once hooked, brace yourself for an intense battle, as they put up a formidable fight with relentless long runs.
Depending on the time of year, you might even entice them with a dry fly. However, capturing them requires a stealthy approach and keen observation since they can be easily spotted and require a cautious tactic. If these characteristics align with what you seek in sports fly fishing, don't hesitate to contact us for a customized guided trip to pursue these remarkable carp.




For beginners, I prefer to offer the evening session, providing an opportunity to familiarize them with the essential gear, including rods, reels, lines, leaders, and tippets. We go through the proper knots and rigging for specific flies, followed by a casting session on the river. After a quick and light dinner, we venture out onto the water well before prime time, allowing customers ample time to refine their casting and retrieval techniques. We then explore the chosen spot, fishing our way up or downstream until the light fades. Once darkness sets in, we return to the vehicles for some refreshments and a debrief.



We offer guidance throughout the year to our clients. Prior to making a booking, kindly reach out to us to check whether the specific fish you intend to catch is currently in its seasonal period


Our half-day packages tailored for beginners encompass snacks and refreshments. Additionally, you will be provided with fly fishing gear and flies. For comprehensive details on the equipment provided, please review our complete terms and conditions here.


Pricing commences at $350 for a half-day experience with a single individual on land. Please contact us for full-day pricing, float boat drift pricing and pricing for multiple individuals.



Experienced fly fishers with a reasonable casting stroke can opt for the dawn session, though there is little time for practice as we dive straight into prime time when the bite is at its best. As the sun rises, the action gradually slows down.


dawn session

We offer guidance throughout the year to our clients. Prior to making a booking, kindly reach out to us to check whether the specific fish you intend to catch is currently in its seasonal period


Full-day packages designed for seasoned anglers comprise of snacks, lunch, and beverages. Furthermore, you will receive fly fishing equipment and flies as part of the package. Kindly refer to our complete terms and conditions regarding the provided equipment here.


Pricing commences at $500 for a full-day experience with a single individual on land. Please contact us for full-day float boat drift pricing and pricing for multiple individuals.



For those willing to embrace both sessions, it's an ideal choice. The evening session offers an opportunity to practice casting and retrieving flies at dusk, with a good chance of enticing a cod strike. The following morning, we jump right into action. Participants should be prepared for a fair amount of river walking (about 4-5km), and gaiters or waders can be helpful if available. I'll provide flies and fly fishing outfits, but bring a small backpack for drinks, as you'll likely get thirsty, and I can only carry so much.



For a trouty I’ve always been interested in chasing cod on fly but didn’t really know where to start.

For the last few years I’ve spent a day or 2 each season with Ben from Ozzy Native Flies chasing these elusive beasts. Not only has he watched me catch my first cod on fly but he’s also helped improve my casting technique with bigger rods and even bigger flies. He’s always keen to part his knowledge and try different things when the fishing gets harder. I can’t recommend Ben more highly for the novice or advanced fly fisher.

Simon Hall

Ben knows a great deal about fly fishing for Murray Cod in rivers; from where they sit, to how they behave, to techniques and what flies work he is totally on point.

If you’re new to chasing this species, I highly recommend using Ben to put you on the right path and really flatten the learning curve.

Chris Schrueder

He was very patient with me as I learnt how to cast them. He showed me what to look for structure wise.

 Having never fished for cod before, Ben took the time to show me just how to cast. He was very patient with me as I learnt how to cast them. He showed me what to look for structure wise. We rested till late afternoon and then started fishing. I caught my cod that evening. The following morning we went for a fish together and even though he was not guiding me he still took the time to instruct me and help me onto more fish. I had an awesome time. Ben as a guide is very knowledgeable and patient. I would recommend Ben as a guide to anyone any time. You will have such a good time for sure.

Wayne Mc Ferrier 


Fishing for the Future


A Customised Experience

At Ozzy Native Flies, we practice catch and release fishing, firmly believing in offering a sustainable solution to ensure abundant fish populations for generations to come.

Your experienced guide has over three decades of fly fishing experience in Victoria, your dependable guide possesses extensive knowledge of the finest hidden fishing spots and a collection of tried and tested flies that ensure a successful catch.

We tailor a customizable experience for anglers of all backgrounds. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice, we personalize your guiding journey to cater to your expertise level, ensuring a rewarding experience for everyone.