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Amidst the peak of covid lockdown, Ozzy Native Flies took its first flight, initially created with the purpose of selling the flies I had been tying as a hobby. As my passion for fly fishing expanded, I ventured into developing a new line of flies specifically tailored for fishing Murray Cod.

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One such creation is the Frog Popper

Meticulously tied on the Ahrex PR 378 hook. This remarkable fly is designed to ride hook point up, attracting more attention than the Cod Popper. Its versatility allows it to be cast into the most challenging and snaggy spots, smoothly maneuvering out without getting caught. Remarkably, I haven't lost a single one of these flies to a snag in over a year of fishing with them. The size and shape draw inspiration from the successful Cod Popper, while the legs crafted from bucktail add a lifelike element to the fly when it gracefully swims. This is no small fly, but instead, it's tied on a 6/0 hook, making it a powerful and effective choice for your fishing endeavors.

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I developed a cicada pattern tied on the same size 4/0 hook, which I named the "Sickada."

Although I was confident it would be effective, I decided not to sell the fly until I had proven its worth. Instead, I gave them away to test their performance. The Cicada hatch was delayed, but during my initial fishing with the Sickada, I experienced numerous strikes, yet the real breakthrough came when I switched to V2, the improved version of the fly, from my fly box. The moment it hit the water, there was an instant "boof" and a solid hook-up.
The Sickada is a controversial concept and fly, mainly because it employs two Ahrex PR 378 hooks to create a double. However, it's worth noting that using doubles and trebles in fly tying and fishing has historical precedent, with our ancestors and today's Salmon fishermen employing similar techniques.
Although there are more innovations in the works, it's now time to focus on fishing diligently for our prized Native Murray Cod.

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The Cod Snack evolution began when I started fly fishing for Murray Cod.

My Cod Snack evolution began with a pink fly in saltwater gear, landing my first Murray Cod in the Yarra River. I switched to Owner Spinnerbait hooks and favored purple materials. I expanded the range with white, red, and chartreuse-red variants, impressing friends for their action on an 8-weight fly rod.

I later added a Murray Cray Cod Snack that mimicked small Murray Crayfish and enhanced my flies with stinger hooks and brush collars for better success, particularly in clear waters. Cod Snacks consistently catch Murray Cod and navigate timber effectively with their forward-facing weed guards. These flies should be used with confidence

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As an experienced fly fisherman and tier, I've successfully caught various freshwater and saltwater species using my own flies.

I've pursued various fish species, including Southern Mulloway and Trout, but my main focus now is on Murray Cod and Yellowbelly. I've designed the Cod Meal, a 25cm articulated fly tailored for hungry Murray Cod, using techniques like those for Beast Flies, with a lightweight design featuring a saddle tail and reversed tied bucktail.

I can create flies for a wide range of fish, from shrimp and crab to Barramundi, GT, Murray Cod, Yellowbelly, and even trout and carp. Feel free to contact me to discuss your target species and preferred patterns, ensuring your fly fishing experiences are memorable.


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A Customised Experience

At Ozzy Native Flies, we practice catch and release fishing, firmly believing in offering a sustainable solution to ensure abundant fish populations for generations to come.

Your experienced guide has over three decades of fly fishing experience in Victoria, your dependable guide possesses extensive knowledge of the finest hidden fishing spots and a collection of tried and tested flies that ensure a successful catch.

We tailor a customizable experience for anglers of all backgrounds. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice, we personalize your guiding journey to cater to your expertise level, ensuring a rewarding experience for everyone.


For a trouty I’ve always been interested in chasing cod on fly but didn’t really know where to start.

For the last few years I’ve spent a day or 2 each season with Ben from Ozzy Native Flies chasing these elusive beasts. Not only has he watched me catch my first cod on fly but he’s also helped improve my casting technique with bigger rods and even bigger flies. He’s always keen to part his knowledge and try different things when the fishing gets harder. I can’t recommend Ben more highly for the novice or advanced fly fisher.

Simon Hall

Ben knows a great deal about fly fishing for Murray Cod in rivers; from where they sit, to how they behave, to techniques and what flies work he is totally on point.

If you’re new to chasing this species, I highly recommend using Ben to put you on the right path and really flatten the learning curve.

Chris Schrueder

He was very patient with me as I learnt how to cast them. He showed me what to look for structure wise.

 Having never fished for cod before, Ben took the time to show me just how to cast. He was very patient with me as I learnt how to cast them. He showed me what to look for structure wise. We rested till late afternoon and then started fishing. I caught my cod that evening. The following morning we went for a fish together and even though he was not guiding me he still took the time to instruct me and help me onto more fish. I had an awesome time. Ben as a guide is very knowledgeable and patient. I would recommend Ben as a guide to anyone any time. You will have such a good time for sure.

Wayne Mc Ferrier